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Zhangzhou PX project EIA released in January was stopped and fined 200,000

Date: 2013-04-04

Ministry of Environmental Protection was recently halted Zhangzhou PX project successfully "checkpoints."

April 1, the ministry released in March made construction project EIA approval and completion of the environmental acceptance of the decision notice, in which raw materials Zhangzhou PX project ligure adjustments change the environmental impact statement was approved on March 12.Xiamen PX incident subsided, the controversial move to the PX project in Zhangzhou Zhangpu ancient mine town.

January 25 this year, the ministry had Dragon Aromatics (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. to open a "stop construction projects, $ 200,000," the punishment book.The reason is that the company's 800,000 tons / year paraxylene engineering and engineering materials to adjust the overall public supporting changes in project approval environmental impact report without approval and construction.

Zhangzhou PX project under the second public letters of the EIA report showed that the so-called raw material change, refers to the construction process, as naphtha and gas oil (VGO) difficult to buy raw materials on the market and decided to read: In the PXwithout changing the scale of production, use condensate feedstock for production.

Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the punishment book requirements, Dragon Aromatics (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd. on February 28 to correct violations and complied with the decision in writing reports MEP, East environmental supervision centers and the Fujian Provincial Department of Environmental Protection.

According to media reports, March 6, at the first meeting of the second session of National People's Congress of Fujian group "Open Day" on Taiwan's "Business Times" reporter that the first question raised by the project.

In this regard, Zhangzhou Mayor Wu Hongqin responded that punishment will affect only the project of the "raw material" Adjustment items, the ongoing rectification, the rectification to be passed before resuming production.In addition to other projects "is progressing well."

Zhangzhou PX project raw material for adjustments approved changes to the EIA report, many people are not surprised environmental systems."EIA Report unauthorized unauthorized construction on the first phenomenon is very common, it is often said that 'the first ticket on the bus', whether it is the overall project EIA report, the overall project or subproject EIA report, the last in the reviewprocess, basically go through. "Ministry of Environmental Protection, told reporters on an expert.

Whether this year's January announcement MEP Zhangzhou PX project material adjustments, or MEP announcement last May China National Petroleum Corporation, China Guodian Corporation's central rate two projects, which have not approved the first building of the illegalcosts are low.

According to "the EIA Law" Article 31, is not approved the first building on the circumstances, by the environmental protection department shall order to stop the construction deadline for completing the EIA procedures, fails to go through formalities, shall be liable to 50,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan fine.

Ministry of Environmental Protection officials said there are "31" in the fine is not approved the first building ceiling is too low, companies "are not looked down on."He proposed to increase the amount of fines, one method is to directly raise the cap, another approach is based on a certain percentage of the amount invested projects to determine the penalty, "a fine is not the purpose, aims and urge enterprises part of the EIA law."

Meanwhile, the "31" in the "re-submit the EIA procedures" also hidden another problem - if the retroactive EIA link, found that the project can not and should not be launched, the environmental protection department can really reject these projects, regardless of project size?

In the August 2012 meeting of the national environmental protection system, the government information disclosure work meeting, Environmental Protection Minister Zhou said publicly that, to promote "the EIA Law" amendment."Currently, the need to develop and revise environmental laws are more like," the EIA Law "to modify the startup more difficult to amend section 31 of the opinions expressed in the ongoing" environmental law "to achieve." Act NPC Environmental and Resources Protection CommitteeWangfeng Chun, deputy inspector said the reporter.