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Zhangzhou City Public Lighting LED lighting products will promote opportunities sudden now

Date: 2013-08-30

This Zhangzhou LED lighting products business is good news, yesterday, the Herald reporter was informed, Zhangzhou City will within the city to promote the application of LED lighting products, by the end of 2015 to achieve public lighting LED lighting products, the popularity of the product purchase, will priority Zhangzhou local products.

It is learned, LED (ie, semiconductor lighting products) more efficient energy saving, more conducive to energy conservation.

To this end, Zhangzhou City will be the first field of public lighting in the city, namely roads, hospitals, schools and other public places, government offices, state-owned enterprises and other financial or capital investment in the construction of state-owned lighting engineering fields, promote the use of LED lights and other LED lighting products; strive to the end of 2015 to achieve public lighting popularity of LED lighting products. Strive to 2015, Zhangzhou City to achieve an energy-saving lighting under caliber (electric) above 50%, driven by the LED industry to achieve 50 billion yuan in output value.