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Zhangzhou anecdotes ancient lake, over 800 years old

Date: 2013-09-16

Speaking of ancient, usually think of "deep courtyard," the mood, which is right at the lake within the ancient roadside Xiangcheng Shibayama, Golden Lake Village community the true economic parametrial, bathing the 800 years of frost and rain. But this is not quite lonely wells, often the evening, near the well people always love to come here to draw water.
Lin said Sister came to draw water, which Qinglie sweet well water, "brought tea, do not have a taste."

Approached only to find, rounded curbs, actually hewn stone with a single piece, diameter 1.2 m, height 0.62 m, 0.25 m thick. Incised wall column: "The Court made Monk Shaoxing Kang Xi", "Baoqing Ding Hai (1227) rebuilt."

Ancient origins on the lake, there is a saying, according to "Longxi County" contains, this well "in the west of the old hospital Goddess, Quan very sweet, the provision of quotidian," and "Temple Well"; Yu Song Shaoxing nine years (1132) chisel construction, Baoqing three years (1227) rebuilt, is the oldest so far discovered an ancient Zhangzhou. 1988, which, together with the adjacent lake Buddha Temple and ancient banyan trees together, was included in the first batch of Zhangzhou municipal units.

In 2008, the government started the construction of the northern section of Xuefu Road and other roads, wells facing Lake Temple destroyed and the choice to stay. Ultimately, the construction plan your route after several revisions, Temple wells were preserved in-situ become Xuefu supporting the construction of the northern section of a cultural landscape.