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Effective use of zhangzhou hotel VIP card members enjoy the following all kinds of preferential price and said to accept the following terms:


  As a VIP card member, you will have the right to reserve rooms of various types, enjoy the room door of seven, market price discount.


< 1 > a Minneapolis Chinese restaurant:

      Member or carry guests to dinner, present valid VIP card, a Chinese restaurant in Minneapolis consumption,

all can enjoy Chinese food zero point nine fold preferential (liquor, abalone, sea cucumber wing, cigarettes, wedding banquet, such as housewarming party meals, special dishes and buffet do not enjoy discount), or get the same bank hotel discount coupons, members can choose a favorable way. Table only to be used a VIP card.

< 2 > Macao bellagio western restaurant:

       Member or carry guests to dinner, present valid VIP gold card, in Macao bellagio western restaurant consumption, all can enjoy western food zero dish expenses discount, drinks, cigarettes, meals, special food, buffet do not enjoy discounts, table only to be used a VIP card.

3、Places of entertainment

Sauna: enjoy VIP rooms according to the standard room charge

A riot of colour nightclub: beer 6 fold, wine, the wine 8 fold

4、Membership valid VIP card can enjoy hotel provides the season hotel and aircraft, car, tickets booking priority.

5、other special

    A) enjoy room check-out time extended to 2;

    B) enjoy check-in executive floors, luxury VIP floor level limit free laundry service;

    C) enjoy business center free fax;

    D) enjoy chess &cards room enjoy ninety percent discount;

    E) enjoy international conference center rent a ninety percent discount;

    F) enjoy Internet bar the door market price eighty percent;

6、other promotion preferential: VIP card listed preferential project cannot with the hotel other preferential repeated use, including contract contracted.

7、VIP card

  Zhangzhou hotel VIP card shall be valid for one year, can be in one year the number of any use. VIP card only for personal use, not negotiable, VIP CARDS printed with card number, when necessary, to be tested. Members only to show the period of validity, VIP card, you can enjoy the rights of all the preferential conditions. VIP card not a credit card, no cash value, do not have sign the bill and on tick function.

8、member material lost or stolen

   Members should appropriate is custodial their VIP card and other coupons, if there is lost or stolen, hotel shall not be responsible for.

9、 valid VIP card in the hotel consumption in addition to enjoy the preferential outside, do not have other privileges, and at the same time must abide by the relevant provisions of the hotel.


   Every time you room consumption will be included in "hotel integral exchange" plan, wonderful constantly, it is worth looking forward to.

11、more preferential terms to explain ownership zhangzhou hotel.

  2007 edition VIP card copyright all belong to zhangzhou hotel, if there is no written permission, and may not copy and use this material, otherwise regarded as tort.

About your membership, if you have any questions, please call: 0596-2036889 - VIP card club.

The above offer limit VIP card effective period effectively.