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San Ping temple  

Three flat a temple which and county wenfeng town nine layer rock valley, was built in the tang salted pass seven years (866 years). This temple perennial cigarette wreathe, firecracker sound, visitors pilgrims in an endless stream, every year to the pilgrimage to the devout men and women as many as hundreds of thousands, not only mansion quanzhou and zhangzhou, spring area, and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and southeast Asia and Occident, incense filled of fujian province for the crown of ancient temples. Temple near a tortoise, snake and peak, MaoShi holes for eight landscape. Three ping temple in southeast Asia broken have influence.

Nan Shan temple    

South ShanSi, formerly known as "newspaper Qu blessing chung tai chan monastery", is located in the south bank of zhangzhou city xixi jiulong river estuary, north depends on danxia mountain, as one of the eight scenic spots zhangzhou. Founded in TangKaiYuan twenty-four years (736), has been 1200 years of history, is one of the well-known at home and abroad buddhist monasteries.

Zhangzhou the Confucius temple      

Zhangzhou the Confucius temple (commonly known as Confucius high), is located in downtown contact west road, was built in the northern song dynasty qingli periods four years (1044 years), all previous dynasties rebuilt. Through nearly one thousand years of wind and frost baptism, today's the Confucius temple is still is permeated with rich traditional culture breath, numerous scholars students, Chinese and foreign tourists to the worship of Confucius staffs. Zhangzhou the Confucius temple has become a historical and cultural city - zhangzhou's a representative building.

Gossip floor      

In the long river of the winding, Kowloon, stood a towering magnificent octagonal pavilions, this is known as "the eight diagrams floor" wei town pavilion. The town's minister of zhangzhou's most famous ancient castle architecture, is also one of the ten major buildings in fujian province, was built in the Ming celebrated six years (1572 years), rebuilt in 1997.

XiangCheng dolmen  

Stone memorial arch is located in the old city Hong Kong road and xinhua road yue mouth, was built in the Ming wanli years and the qing emperor kangxi years. Four seat cross street stands ancient stone arch, two two relative, have WenYouWu, and the old city of old street is the characteristics of the GuJie landscape. The memorial arch already in June 2004 was listed in the national key cultural relics protection units.

Cloud cave rock   

Cloud cave rock is located in zhangzhou LongWen area lam tin town, westing zhangzhou center is only 10 kilometers, is the provincial scenic spot and provincial cultural relics protection units. Due to the cloud cave rock beautiful scenery, always games such as tide, also is affected by many scholars the favour of sage.